D-29 System has completed flight evaluation from users for ground and airborne emitters in Nashik and Gwalior. The system performance has been satisfactory. Modification of all 06 aircraft has been completed for the installation of D-29 system.

D-29 is an integrated EW system for Radar warning and jamming that encompasses RWR, ECM, ESM functions and utilizes state-of-the-art active phased arrays for selectively jamming the multiple threat radars. The D-29 system serves primarily as a self-protection jammer that will boost survivability, enhance situation awareness and increase mission effectiveness.The system detects and gives the information about the position of the RF sources illuminating the aircraft and applies the appropriate jamming technique. The system mainly consists of Unified Receiver Exciter Processor (UREP modified to suit the requirements of D-29), Solid State Transmit / Receive Unit (SSTRU) with Active Array Unit (AAU) and a liquid cooling system.

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