Elections were held through online voting from 0000h/22 June 2022 till 2359h/26 June 2022

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4 thoughts on “Elections (2022-2024)

  1. Heartiest congratulations to the newly elected committee of SFTE-IN.
    Wish them great success and assure full support in all their endeavours

  2. Congratulations and Best wishes to the newly elected Executive Committee and heartfelt Gratitudes to outgoing VP and Secy, for their immense contributions to the Chapter.

  3. Conduct of Elections India Chapter 2022 -24
    1. I congratulate our newly elected VP, Gp Capt KP Bhat, and Secretary, Wg Cdr Ahmed Arshi, and wish them well in their tenure to steer the Chapter in line with the ideals of the SFTE.
    2. My immense thanks to AVM Arvind Sharma (president nominee) and Cdr Devendra Sing (VP nominee), for their willingness to serve the SFTE and seek their continued support to the India Chapter in the years ahead.
    3. I’m very grateful to Wg Cdr CM Santosh, in his role as Returning Officer, for the efficient conduct of this term’s elections and his continued support and participation in the Testers fraternity.
    4. Words fail me to adequately thank the outgoing VP, Gp Capt M Prabhu, and outgoing Secretary, Wg Cdr M Patel, for the wealth of knowledge and experience that they brought in to nurture the India chapter in its fledgling years.

    May the fraternity keep growing in its values and strength!

    – Kalyan
    President, SFTE India Chapter

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