The 43rd Flight Test Course at IAF Test Pilot School graduated on 21 May 2021. Eleven Experimental Test Pilots and Five Flight Test Engineers graduated in a low key valedictory function held at IAFTPS,. The customary Suranjan Das Dinner couldn’t be held for this FTC due the second wave of #Covid19.

Graduates of the 43rd Flight Test Course

The moment was also historic as Sqn Ldr Aashritha Olety, became the first Indian woman to graduate from the Indian Air Force Test Pilots School as a Flight Test Engineer (FTE), becoming the first qualified female test crew in the country. Sqn Ldr Aashritha, an aeronautical engineer of the IAF trained and experienced on Mi17V5 helicopters successfully navigated through the arduous 11-month course to break another glass ceiling.

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