Wg Cdr Rajiv Kotiyal (Retd) received “Ivan C. Kinchole Award” at SETP International Symposium and Annual Banquet towards his Contributions in Developmental Flight Testing of India’s,  Light Combat Aircraft.


Wg Cdr (Retd) Raveendran, SC presented in SFTE Symposium at Toulouse.


Gp  Capt  Rama  Mohan,  VSM    and  Gp  Capt  (Retd)  RS  Makkar,  paper published in SETP Symposium at Los Angeles.


Wg  Cdr  (Retd)  Raveendran,  SC  and  Gp  Capt  (Retd)  Prabhu,  paper published in SFTE Symposium at Warsaw.


Air  Cmde  (Retd)  Harish  Nayani,  VM  and  Wg  Cdr  (Retd)  Raveendran,  SC presented in International test and Evaluation  Conference at Hawai.


Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Title: Using Eye Gaze Tracker to Automatically Estimate Pilots Cognitive Load, 50TH SFTE International Symposium, June 2019, At: TOULOUSE, FRANCE.

Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Title: Using Eye Gaze Tracker operate MFD and HMD and to Automatically Estimate Pilots’ Cognitive Load, 51st Annual Symposium of the SETP European Chapter, June 2019, At: PRAGUE, Czech Republic.


Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Title: Validation of Workload Buildup Flight Test Technique Using Ocular Parameters, SFTE International Symposium, Oct 2020, At: Virtual.

Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Title: Application of Eye Gaze Tracking for Analysis of Pilot’s Visual Scan Pattern: Simulator and Inflight Studies, Conference: SETP International Symposium, Sep 2020, At: Virtual.

Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Title: Pilot Inceptor Workload and Workload Buildup Technique Through Simulator and Inflight Studies: SFTE European Symposium, June 2020, At: Virtual.

Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Title: EYE-GAZE INTERFACE TO OPERATE AIRCRAFT DISPLAYS, Conference: European Test and Telemetry Conference (ETTC), June 2020, At: Virtual; Published in Journal of Sensors: DOI: 10.5162/ettc2020/4.1.


Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, PhD, Title: Developmental Flight Trials of BVR Missile: Lessons Learnt, Conference: SETP Symposium, March 2020, At: Virtual.

Wg Cdr Senthil Kumar, Title: Development of ML models with Python for flight test optimisation, Conference: SFTE European Symposium,  September 2021, At: Virtual.

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