SFTE Technical Council monthly meeting was held on 15 April 2021 through online video conference. Wg Cdr M Dilli Babu, Phd, SFTE India Chapter Representative for the council participated in the meeting. A draft document on standardisation of FTE qualification guidelines is being prepared by the council and the same was discussed. It’s a very comprehensive and well-conceived document and such document will play an intense role in flight test organisations in India, as well. It is requested that inputs from flight testing centers, namely, NFTC, HAL Flt Ops, NFTS may please be provided, for updating in the document before its finalization and release. The document can be downloaded from the link below. Further, during the meeting, Mr. Nick Cuccavo of Airbus (Germany), shared few EASA documents related to Flight testing in the discussions on the FTE qualification standardisation. The documents he shared are placed in google drive and the link for access to google drive is placed below. The EASA documents would be a helpful guide in the flight test centres in terms of standardisation in flight testing in general.

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