After completing extensive trials on the Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) at Goa, the naval version of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) did a successful arrested landing onboard  INS Vikramaditya. Test Pilot Cmde Jaideep Maolankar conducted the maiden landing.

In 13 September 2019, the LCA has undergone at many tests at the SBTF that replicates the conditions and facilities on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.The SBTF was specifically built to train naval pilots in the complex manoeuvres of landing on the short flight deck of an aircraft carrier before they moved on to the actual carrier.

India joins a select group of countries in the world who have the capability to design a deck landing aircraft.

The flight control system software for the naval LCA single-seater and two-seater aircraft is a unified code unlike on the Tejas for the Indian Air Force, where the development of fighter and trainer software, are two parallel verticals. The ski-jump take-off of naval LCA is completely autonomous. With a single press of a button commanding ski-jump take-off, the flight control computer of the aircraft takes it off the ramp and hands over the control to the pilot after positioning the aircraft to a safe altitude and speed.

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