ABSTRACT. Aircraft electrical system needs to be robust enough to cater for electrical power requirements of all the systems of the aircraft and all the safety/degraded mission critical systems in failure modes. Designing such a robust electrical system for a developmental aircraft program is a challenge. A developmental aircraft during its various phases would involve integration of additional systems and new weapons (in case of fighter aircraft). Integration of newer systems imposes fresh challenges in managing the electrical system architecture especially in failure modes. Weapon integration in a prototype fighter program is dynamic as newer contemporary weapons are developed at faster pace and ever evolving. Power crisis through existing on-board power generation systems in failure mode was felt during an indigenous aircraft development program. A novel idea of introducing a Ram Air Turbine and utilize the power generated during main alternator failure for critical systems was studied. The intention of this paper is to cover the details of the study carried out towards utlisation of such a Ram Air Turbine in landing phase for extraction of energy in case of main alternator failure.

Paper published in Defence Science Journal, DRDO, India

12-10-2020 | journal-article | DOI: 10.14429/dsj.70.15789

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